• Sam The Man

    Baboon Rider Sam Jakins skating one of the myriad of roads in Austria back in July. Who would have guessed that primates are such migratory creatures?

  • Cape Slide 2013

    Baboon Rider Sam Jakins doing what he does best. Baboons did a write up of the Cape Slide. To check out what it’s all about, click the image and enjoy.

  • Landyachtz cruising in Croatia

    Baboon Boards Team Rider Tom ‘Nunu’ Jakins grating some tar on his Landyachtz Topspeed in Croatia.

New Stuff

We got some new products in at the Baboon store. Check out whats fresh on the shelves. Sector 9 Topshelf wheels Sector 9 Butterball wheels Sector 9 Driver Gloves Sector 9 Gasket Knee Pads Sector 9 Mini Daisy complete Sector 9 Roxanne RAD Advantage wheels RAD Release wheels RAD Glide wheels Arbor Vugehausen Arbor Prodigy […]