• Imizamu Yethu Raw Run

    Baboon Rider Alex Meyer shreds down one of the main arteries of Imizamu Yethu, one of the busiest roads in Cape Town. As far as we know Alex is the first person to skate this run. Click, Watch and enjoy!!

  • New Arrivals 2015

    We’ve got a bunch of new stock for 2015 to keep things exciting. And we put it all in one neat blog post so that nobody gets confused. Just click on the image above.

  • Blood Orange Liam Morgan Pro Models

    Liam Morgan’s Pro Model wheels have finally landed on our shores. Available in stores now!!

  • Free Delivery

    We’re offering free delivery to your doorstep in the Cape Peninsula with all orders over R150.

New Stock 2015!!

We are really excited this year about stepping up our product range both regarding skate gear and our own clothing lineup. We got so many new products in just before Christmas we didn’t have time to upload them all onto the website. Now we did. And we’re stoked and here it is: Decks: Rayne Savage […]

Rayne 2014

We just got a fresh shipment of Rayne gear in, including all the new boards for 2014. Here’s what’s new. Follow the links to see board prices and reviews. G-Mack (George Mackenzie’s Pro Model for Rayne) Misfortune (the smaller version of the popular Rayne Fortune) Brightside (the smaller version to the Darkside) Otherside (you guessed […]