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Baboon Footwear

Our Baboon store is getting kitted out with some really cool gear lately. Firstly, we’re now stocking some quality skate shoes. We’ve got multiple models and colour ways of Etnies shoes in. We’ve been looking to stock some hardy, long lasting skate shoes for quite some time now and are really amped on stocking Etnies. You’re probably thinking wait, what…They’re stocking shoes but no socks?….pffft, amateurs. Wrong, we got socks. You want socks, we’ve got em. You thought we didn’t have socks? That’s because you didn’t let us get to our second point.

Secondly, we’d like to announce that we’re now stocking socks. Just so you know. And because the last batch we had was pretty classy, we thought we’d get even more trendy and bring out different versions. So just to keep you in the loop, here’s what’s cracking:

Baboon Boards Calf Height Socks. Simple cotton sock that massages your calf into submission when skating, letting you do what you want on your board. For those looking for a little more froth, these also come with the ‘Go Apeshit’ slogan. In case you ever ask yourself what you’re actually doing when skating, you’ll find a simple reminder of what you should be doing down on your socks. ‘Go Apeshit’. Pretty simple. if you don’t understand, shred harder.

Now we have the same two slogan options with our Knee Height Socks. That’s right, get involved, get knee deep. Keep your legs warm this winter, keep sleek and keep the opposite sex attracted. These have a cotton bottom and synthetic upper. So they don’t slip. Full control.

Oh ja, and to facilitate you in making the right decision in life, we’re now offering a special. With the purchase of a pair of shoes you get a free pair of socks of your choice.

And finally you can check out below what Etnies models we have in stock. They are the bomb.

Etnies Jameson 2

Etnies Jameson 2 Eco

Etnies Marana (cough…Ryan Sheckler rides these..cough)

Etnies Fader

This time we were sneaky and put the pictures at the end, so hopefully you’re still reading.

Knee Height Socks
Enjoy a heightened sense of balance with our new knee height socks.


Calf height socks 1
The calf height Baboon Boards sock.


Sock shoe special
Our special special. Get a free set of socks with any shoes purchased at our store.


Sam Funky
Baboon rider Sam experiencing the steez of the new socks.


Aweh, much love,

the Baboons