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Fullbag boards have arrived!!

We are proud to announce that we are now stocking the state of the art Fullbag boards. We’ve got a full range from slalom and commuting boards to downhill and freeride boards. Here’s what just arrived:

Fullbag Elise
Fullbag TM-FR
Fullbag Royal Flush
Fullbag TM-39
Fullbag TM-37
Fullbag Speedstyler
Fullbag Le 62
Fullbag Foboo

Fullbag Seb Léger
Fullbag Louis Ricard
Fullbag Junk in the Trunk
Fullbag Gustavs Gailitis
Fullbag Lightning Strike
Fullbag Death or Glory
Fullbag Red Baron 

Here’s some pictures to keep you entertained.

The Fullbag Elise 2013


A glimpse at the concave of the Elise 2013


The Royal Flush looking good with a matte black finish


The TM-FR with a high gloss finish


The Fullbag Lightning Strike