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G-Form Protective Pads

G-Form Pads have arrived at the Baboon store. G-Form Pads are highly breathable and flexible, discreet enough to fit under any clothing and even under hard-shell padding. The pads are made with Reactive Protection Technology TM and consist of a soft, supple foam that instantly hardens on impact. This means that the pads bend with your body movement and when brought into contact with the ground they harden up and absorb the impact.

Pads available in many different sizes.

G-Form Kneepads (Protects the knees)

G-Form Elbowpads (Protects the elbow)

G-Form Crash Shorts (Protects your hips, thighs and coccyx)

G-Form Compression Shirt (Protects your shoulder, rib area and sternum)

G-Form Cellphone Covers (Protects your phone in your pocket while skating, absorbing the slams obtained when bailing)

Here’s a young Baboon going through some in-house product testing, showcasing all the different padding options.