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Gabi on the Cape Town skate scene

If you’re new to longboarding in Cape Town and want to get the big picture of the longboard skate scene and community, then this interview will fill in the gray areas. Gabi is one of Cape Town’s local girl skaters and part of SAGRA, the South African downhill skating body. Needless to say, Gabi knows the ins and outs of the longboarding community in Cape Town. Thane magazine recently conducted this interview which is well worth a read:

Gabi laying down some lines

5 thoughts on “Gabi on the Cape Town skate scene

  1. Hey guys, I’m pretty new to longboarding and will be moving to Cape Town from JHB, want to find out where I can ride around the Tokai area. Decent hills but not crazy, without too much traffic. Any suggestions?

    1. One of us Baboons stays in Kirstenhof (right next to Tokai). Check out an area called Zwaanswyk, really close by and a decent sliding hill.

  2. Hey Baboons, So I was reading that write up about Gabi in thane magazine that you guys posted and It said somewhere in there that SAGRA or whoever is working together with the Government to try and get a road tarred JUST FOR US!?

    If this is going to be true =) Is there any chance you guys could pass my name on to them because I’m actually studying civil engineering and I would really dig to be part of the project, and I’m pretty sure you guys would rather have a fellow boarder involved in that project rather than one of these old ballies trying to slow us down ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Hi Ross
      I think that statement might have been a bit ambitious ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m not sure if they are still pursuing this, but the best way to find out is to write the NSC (National Skate Collective) on facebook. They are the official group advocating for legalising longboarding and creating designated skate areas. They appreciate all input. Even if it is just a draft which one could present to the legal authorities, it would help. You can reach them here:

      kind regards

      the Baboons

  3. Hey do you meet up with people or have meeting spots, cause skating is great, but evenen more so when being in a group!!!
    Would be cool to get to know some locals

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