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Hot Heels 2013 crash

This last weekend the Hot Heels Africa event took place from the 5-8 of December. Hot Heels is South Africa’s most celebrated and notorious event taking place in Koegelberg nature reserve near Pringle Bay. The four-day event saw a howling wind throughout which created testing condition for the riders. On the final two days of the race the wind direction changed towards a tailwind, dramatically increasing the speed of the course. What ensued were some pretty gnarly crashes.

The Baboon media team spent the four days prowling the course in the howling wind and consequently shot footage of arguably the worst crash we’ve ever seen. Fortunately all riders involved came out in one piece (more or less). We wish them a speedy recovery.

We will be bringing out our official video once, we’ve mustered up the courage to syphon through all our footage. It will be grand.


-the Baboons