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Houwteq 2014

The Houwteq race took place the other day. As always the Baboons were involved. Some skating, some climbing around the mountain filming the others skate. Houwteq was to date one of the most organised races we have attended. Heats ran flawlessly, the new timing system allowed you to check time trial results online and photo finish shots were available shortly after the race. SAGRA did a great job on this one.

Needless to say we are extremely stoked and proud of our sponsored riders. In the open division we had Decio Lourenco in 1st place and Nick Hook in 4th. And in the Junior 1 Division we had Nicky Taylor in 4th. With the races becoming more and more competitive these positions are the result of focused and talented skaters getting shit done. We are proud to be backing some of the top skaters in the country.

Clambering around the mountain turned out to be well worth it and we managed to get some epic footage of the build up to the finals with an overview of most of the track.

Here’s the edit we put together of Houwteq 2014:

Next up on the race calendar is the King of the Fort race in Pretoria. Baboon Boards will be there, racing and filming. We have a feeling this year will be quite memorable, not least because a beerfest is running concurrently with the race. We are excited to be a sponsor of this race.

We’ll see you there.

much love,

The Baboons