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Kahalani Precision Trucks

Baboons Boards is excited to announce the arrival of Kahalani Precision Trucks. Kahalani trucks are high-end, super precise trucks manufactured in Sweden and have been at the forefront of precision truck development for years.

The good people at Kahalani contacted us shortly before the Hot Heels Africa event last weekend and one thing led to another and now we are the proud and exclusive stockists of Kahalani Trucks in South Africa. Kahalani team rider Adam Persson brought down a sample set for us which are now in the hands of team rider Alex Meyer. Adam Persson went on to take 3rd place at the highly contested Hot Heels Africa 2012 on his Kahalani trucks with numerous contending internationals.

For an in depth review, find out more about the Kahalani’s on our product page here.