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Last minute Christmas shopping

In the light of another failed prophecy it has become evident that we’re all still very much alive. If you actually thought the world would end, or like most just procrastinated too much and find yourself without any presents for you loved ones and less loved ones just a few days before christmas, do not fear, because we have it all at Baboon Boards….because all you really need is a skateboard. And we have plenty of those.

Just in time for Christmas our supplies have been bolstered and we’re fully stocked on all our most popular decks and equipment. But other than that, we also have numerous new products in our range. See below for an update of what’s new and hot in the pot.

Rayne Idle Hands Sliding gloves

Abec 11 Powerballs

Bear 852’s now in Soylent Green and Tequila Blue

Landyachtz Drop Hammer Deck

Red Vicious Griptape

Ok, that’s all for now folks. We hope you have a great festive season and revel in the joy that your still alive…until the next time the world ends.