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Mini Zombies now in Town

The Mini Zombies are now available at Baboon Boards. Much like groms, these sneaky little things shred. Being smaller than their counterpart they have a higher acceleration and avoid any wheelbite. The stone ground surface means you can slide these things as soon as you get your hands onto them.

Available in all 3 Duro’s: 80a, 82a and 84a.

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3 thoughts on “Mini Zombies now in Town

  1. Hello , i was wondering if you might help me i recently moved to cape-town and i’m really intrested in longbording , i was looking for advice and a setup for downhill?? can you help

    1. yes sure. e-mail us on [email protected] with all your questions and we’ll help you out.

    2. dude !!! i suggest if you want to cruiz around and carve….get a sector 9 player very good….but if you want to enter competitions and do slides and bombing…i suggest the landyachtz drop speed with bear852 trucks and finnaly zombie hawgs for sliding and stugg but monster hawgs for race competitions!

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