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New Abec 11 and Jet Longboards

It took us a long time to upload all the new products available here at the Baboon compound, partly because we we’re faffing and partly because we baboons are not the most computer literate. But the beast has been slayn. The new Abec 11 shipment has arrived with some great new products. Most notably the Pink series. They leave a lot of thane. So much thane, you’ll have a hard time finding the road after your session. Anyway, without further ado, here’s what’s new:

Abec 11 Sick Sicks
Abec 11 Seven O’s
Abec 11 No Skoolz 60mm
Abec 11 ZigZags 66mm
and we’re pretty much stocked up on everything else again, like Flashbacks, Powerballs etc.

Baboons getting crafty with some of the new stock.

We’re also proud to announce we’re also stockists of Jet boards now. This is what we have:

Jet Potato
Jet Youth Brigade
Jet Ozan
Jet Faction
Jet Voyager
Jet Revolver
Jet Banshee
Jet Sergio
Jet Fernando

Enjoy perusing.

much love

The Baboons