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New Landyachtz Kyle Martin Wheel

Landyachtz have come out with an all new, high-end bombing and freeriding wheel designed by none other than Kyle Martin himself. The idea behind the wheel was to create a predictable, controlled sliding wheel with even wear and plenty of urethane… created to throw down long slides for a very long time. The name pretty much says it all: FSU meaning F#*k Shit Up (although Landyachtz claim that it stands for Freeride Specific Urethane….pffff, whatever)

This wheel was made to shred.

Here’s a picture to entice you.


To see these wheels in action, you can see Kyle Martin strutting his stuff here with some crazy slides. These wheels are available in smooth and stone ground finish.

Now available at Baboon Boards. Click the pretty picture to follow the link to the product and a detailed review of the product to let you know exactly what’s potting.