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New Stock 2015!!

We are really excited this year about stepping up our product range both regarding skate gear and our own clothing lineup. We got so many new products in just before Christmas we didn’t have time to upload them all onto the website. Now we did. And we’re stoked and here it is:


Rayne Savage
Rayne Vandal Kyle Wester Model
Landyachtz Charlie Horse Hollow Core
Landyachtz Prophecy Hollow Core
Sector 9 Barge
Sector 9 Mini Daisy
Sector 9 Arrow
Sector 9 Javelin
Sector 9 Carbon Flight
Sector 9 Bomber
Arbor James Kelly Pro Model
Arbor Liam Morgan Pro Model


Cadillac Swingers
Cadillac Sugar Mama’s
Cloud Ride Slides
Cloud Ride Mini SlidesCloud Ride Ozones
Cloud Ride Mini Ozones
Blood Orange Liam Morgans 80a, 84a


Ronin Cast Trucks
Myi Precision Trucks


Venom HPF Barrels
Venom HPF Eliminators
Venom SHR Barrels
Venom SHR Eliminators


Baboon Classic T-Shirt Grey
Baboon Classic T-Shirt White
Baboon Barcode T-Shirt
Baboon Raging Ape T-Shirt
Baboon Sweater
Landyachtz Crew Cut Sweater Classic
Landyachtz Crew Cut Sweater Two Tone
Landyachtz Hawgs T-Shirt
Landyachtz Bear Horror T-Shirt
Landyachtz Anchor T-Shirt
Baboon Snapback Cap
Baboon Trucker Cap
Baboon Jockey Cap
Baboon Pro-Style Cap


Atlas Precision sleeved washers
Bear Dice

Below are some picture to keep you entertained.

much love

the Baboons

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