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New Team Riders

Seeing that once again we find ourselves at the beginning of the year, we thought there’d be no better way to get this year underfoot than announcing two new Baboon team riders. Becoming a Baboon is a long and arduous task with many perils and strange, ancient rituals to be faced and overcome. We are now pleased to announce that these two have prevailed and their standies are now longer and faster than ever. Let us introduce to you Nicky Taylor and Charl Atkinson.


Lots of Nicky Taylors all doing one sweet, stylish slide. Photography by Robin Taylor


Mr. Atkinson doing a toeside. Because that’s what he’s good at

We will be interviewing these two crafty Baboons in the near future, but not right now, because this Baboon is going to go for a skate now, because there’s only so many cool skate pics you can look at before you get really keen for a session.