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Rayne 2013 stock arrives

The new Rayne stock has arrived. We’re fully stocked on all Rayne products again and there are some brand new boards in the mix. Here’s what’s new at the Baboons:

The Rayne Fortune a.k.a ‘Canadian Bacon’ (Patrick Switzer’s pro model)
The Homewrecker
Rayne Envy wheels
Rayne Greed wheels

We’re also fully stocked on the Nemesis and Amazon again.

Rayne have really perfected their craftsmanship. The 2013 boards come with some great graphics on the bottom as well as the top of the board (slap some clear Vicious Grip on the top and you can admire the graphics from all angles). Some of the boards such as the Fortune and the Avenger feature a thick spine with the board getting narrower towards the rails which allows for greater wheel clearance and a lighter deck.

Here are some pictures:

Rayne Nemesis (2013 graphic) on the left, the Fortune on the right.
The Fortune – Here one can clearly see the slimming of the rails and the juicy bacon ripples concave
The top side of the Nemesis. Numerous Rayne boards feature great top side graphics this year.
The new Rayne Renegade (left) and Phantom (right).
A closer look at the Phantom graphic.
Assortment of Rayne wheels from the grip to the freeride options. Plenty of durometers. Apologies for the siff carpet, this was taken in the storeroom.


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the Baboons.