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We recently packed the Baboon team into a car and headed out into the hills for a short roadtrip. We ended up getting great footage of some pretty bizarre locations, exploring abandoned buildings and other ruins. The mountain pass that we planned to skate turned out to be extremely bumpy and quite rough. However, due to the narrowness of the road and plenty of slight kinks and bends it ended up being a very fun, technical run. Although not too fast, there were a few corners which caught you off guard and threw you wide if you didn’t watch out.

This Baboon trip was a first of its kind in that we had most of our riders present and a great opportunity for everyone to just hang out and skate. For us it’s trips like these that make skateboarding the great sport and culture that it is and we encourage you to grab a bunch of friends and go explore some hills whenever you can. It’s always worth it.


much love,

the Baboons