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No hassle, no time wasting. The Baboon Balls Ceramic Bearings are high quality bearings with built in spacers and ceramic balls that are corrosive resistant and will keep you rolling for days.

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The Baboon Balls Ceramic Bearings are high quality bearings designed for quick and easy wheel changes.

The ball bearings within the bearing are made of ceramic as opposed to the standard steel. Ceramic balls are harder and corrosive resistant, making for a more durable and weather resistant bearing.

The Baboon Ball Ceramic Bearings come with built in spacers attached to the bearings. This allows the bearings to align with each other inside the wheel and distribute load between each other. Because of the high amount of sideways load placed on the bearings when sliding and cornering, this makes for more durable and longer lasting bearings.

The exterior of the bearings also features an extended inner race eliminating the use of washers or ‘speed rings’ for your trucks (which are a total pain because they are very easy to lose).

Due to the built in spacers pushing up against each other when the axle nut gets tightened and the presence of the extended inner races which prevent the nut from coming into direct contact with the bearing shield, the axle nut cannot be over tightened. This allows the rider to tighten the axle nut as much as possible, minimizing the play in the bearing. Eliminating sideways play on your wheels is a very important aspect of a quality bearing. Sideways play on the bearing and wheel will create extra inconsistent stresses on the bearing during the slide and will result in a more ‘chattery’ slide and an inconsistent wear pattern on your wheels.

The ABEC rating of the Baboon Balls Ceramic Bearings is 9. However, ABEC RATINGS HAVE NO RELEVANCE TO SKATEBOARDING! Here’s why:
-The ABEC rating scale is the industry standard for the tolerances of a bearing. Higher ABEC rating means higher tolerance, meaning more precision, meaning more efficiency and less friction.
-However the ABEC rating does not specify many critical factors, such as load handling capabilities, ball precision, materials, material Rockwell hardness, vibration, and lubricant (and more). All of these factors are apparent and relevant to skating, therefore the ABEC rating is rendered null and void.
-A high ABEC rating only comes into play in a static environment, where all components are in a fixed position and not moving (for instance machinery) and only show better results (more efficiency) at speeds much higher than you will ever reach on your skateboard (around 200km/h)
-As a result, what you’re looking for in a bearing is quality construction with quality materials not the ABEC rating.

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