Baboon Banker Gloves


Pounce and strike with perfect poise and execution. The Baboon Banker Gloves are a comfortable leather glove with an inside lining to keep your hands snug.

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Welcome to the fast paced world of the banker; a world of high stakes and split second decisions. They say a leopard never changes his spots. And why would he? He is always ahead of the pack, or behind, ready to strike. His attack is ferocious and merciless. He preys on the infirm and the weak. But prey is prey and it will be devoured. The banker needs his bounty. How else is he to maintain the luscious lustre of his coat? Thus at the end of the day he slinks off into the sunset and he knows he has done well. He is in charge, and tomorrow more will fall prey to his predatory ways.

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