Baboon Politician Gloves


Slither and slide your way down the hill with the Baboon Politician Gloves, a comfortable leather glove with an inside lining to keep your hands snug.

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There’s nothing Baboons detest more than a slithering, serpent. With those beady eyes and that forked tongue that darts in and out at lightning speed, making sense of its surrounding, assessing its situation…planning when to strike. It is ruthless and moves with scintillating speed. Once its fangs have sunken into your flesh and injected their venom it is a slow, suffocating death. It paralyses the mind, leaving you unable to react.
Their muscular, sinewy bodies are able to wind themselves out of even the most tricky situations. Their scales are tough and blend into their surroundings. They are formidable opponents.
But a Baboon is not to be underestimated and won’t fall prey to their fear mongering. They say keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. Then take their skin and make a quality product out of it. It is a sign of insubordination, of resistance. It sends a signal. Serpents, you are not safe.

The Baboon Politician Glove is made up of a leather outer with a snakeskin print graphic and a comfortable interior lining.
Palm pucks included.

*No snakes were harmed in the making of these gloves!

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