Blood Orange Liam Morgan Pro Series 65mm Black


The popular Liam Morgan Pro Series now available in stealthy black…

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The Blood Orange Liam Morgan Pro Series wheels are the brainchild of, you guessed it, Liam Morgan. A household name in the skating community and one of the world’s top freeriders, it is no wonder these wheels have been highly anticipated. And because of their attention to detail, lengthy testing and design phase, they deliver.

The Liam Morgan Pro Series 65mm are the ideal hybrid wheel. Bridging the gap between the larger 70mm and the smaller 60mm, the 65mm are a great middle ground. With enough beefiness to allow for big slides as well as being small enough to pop an ollie and jump some gaps, these are the ideal wheels for hitting the streets where hills and inclines meet road features. The 65mm diameter can open up a whole world of possibilities.

Poured with the LMF (Liam Morgan Formula) these wheels have been designed to dump plenty of thane and have a smooth and buttery slide; the perfect middle ground between slide and grip.

The contact patch lies at 31mm with a slightly offset wheel hub to allow for easy transition into slides. If you’re looking to gear it up a notch in the freeride department, these are the wheels that will help you do so.

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Sliding, Freeriding


65 mm

Contact Patch

31 mm



Core Placement

Offset by 3.5 mm

Lip Profile





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