Caliber 2 44’s


The updated and revised 2nd edition Caliber 44’s, keeping all the goodness we know from their first installment with updates and improvements in numerous areas.

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The updated Caliber 2′s have undergone multiple changes to further improve the quality of the Caliber trucks.

Updated inner and outer steps of the bushing seat: This creates a more snug fit for bushings while increasing contact area and effectiveness of the bushing.

Pivot with tighter tolerances and updated chamfer: This prevents side to side play as the pivot cup wears in.

Circular kingpin whole with updated diameter: This provides consistent and uniform lean while avoiding kingpin bite on the hanger.

Increased truck strength: The truck is strengthened by as much as 40%.

Pressed in Grade 8 Hex Kingpin: This furthermore removes all slop and play.

Reinforced baseplate: This provides increased protection against high speed impact.

Thinner paints for tightened tolerances: As opposed to thick powder coat paints, this does not change truck tolerances.

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Hanger Width

184 mm


Gold, Ruby, Sapphire