Element Griptape File


The Element Griptape File will not only make your life easier but also give your board a neater, more professional look with a clean cut griptape job.

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How to apply griptape:

  1. make sure all previous grip is removed from the board. Pro-tip: heat up the surface of the griptape with a hair dryer; this will loosen the glue and allow the griptape to peal off easily.
  2. slap on the fresh sheet of grip. If your grip doesn’t have perforations (little holes) make sure to get rid of all the air bubbles by creasing them out or pricking them with a pin
  3. Use your Element Griptape file and run it along the rails of the board to wear down the grip.
  4. Use a box-cutter or Stanley blade and run it along the rails, cutting off all the excess grip.
  5. Voila – you have a clean and tidy griptape job.

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