Fat Ant O’Beast Bushings


Locally produced and world class quality. If you don’t have Fat Ant’s between your trucks, chances are you’re coming off 2nd best.

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Fat Ant Bushings are locally produced in Cape Town and ridden by top riders all around the world…and for good reason. Seeking to improve the quality of his ride the Fat Ant rid himself of his stock bushings and sat down and thought long and hard about what he needed. Consequently he spent hours inside and sacrificed many a skate session to come up with Fat Ant bushings, the result being a super responsive bushing with lots of rebound.

When placed in between the hanger and baseplate (i.e. ‘boardside’), the O’Beasts provide an increase in stability at higher speeds, decreasing the chance of speed wobbles.

Sold in sets of two.

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75a (orange), 78a (pink), 80a (bright green), 83a (purple), 85a (yellow), 88a (white), 90a (dark green)

Bushing type

Stepped barrel


Fat Ant