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Footprint Gamechanger Insoles consists of an impact neutralizing artificial cartilage that custom molds to your foot, thus providing crucial support to your arch for increased comfort, joint protection and injury prevention.
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Footprint Gamechanger Insoles consists of an impact neutralizing artificial cartilage that absorbs up to 95% of impact. As a result less impact is passed on to your joints. Footprint Gamechanger Insoles mold uniquely to your foot arch, thus providing unparalleled support for specifically your foot.

Preparation Instructions:
-Preheat Oven to 110° Celsius (235° Fahrenheit)
-Place Insole inside for 8 minutes
-Put in shoes and walk (make sure to wear socks)

More about the technology:
Two simple laws of energy
1) Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but it can be converted from one form to another.
2) During a collision, energy is usually transferred from one object to another.

Arti-Lage contains ‘molecular freeflow technology’ and uses these basic laws of energy to literally convert the energy from the force of impact into heat before it can reach your body. The heat is no hotter than your body and is not noticeable.

Overpronation: The Source of torn ACL’s, lower back pains, sore, stiff joints, daily fatigue and serious injuries. In 80-90% of people, the arch flattens too much upon impact which causes the joints to go out of alignment. On a daily basis this leaves you sore, achy and prone to injury while in the long term it slowly wears away unevenly on your cartilage, eventually leading to arthritis.

The Solution: In addition to the extreme impact absorbing qualities of Arti-Lage foam, these custom fitting orthotics help to keep the joints aligned which can stop or prevent injury and early development of arthritis which is common in athletes.

-Blowout proof, reinforced stitching for longevity
-Custom Orthotic Arch dynamically shapes to the arch and provides support with every step. High density memory foam compression resistance adds support
-PU Softshell construction that is specifically engineered to fit into any shoe, wicks moisture and ends the need for hard and uncomfortable base foams.

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