Footprint Calf Height Painkiller Socks

Footprint Painkiller Socks Calf Height


The Footprint Painkiller Socks are a low profile ankle and shin guard sock with a flexible, barely noticeable padding that will protect against shinners and ankle bruises.

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Product Description

The Footprint Painkiller Socks feature ‘arti-lage’ padding which is an artificial cartilage foam that hardens on impact, yet is in a flexible ‘free flow ‘ state during normal use.

The Footprint Painkiller Socks have padding along the shin as well as padding over the ankle.

-45% Bamboo Fibre
-31% Bamboo Charcoal
-11% Spandex
-11% Elastic
-2% Polyester

One size fits all 6-12.

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