Free Dumbs V2


The Free Dumbs are the little brother to the Free Willies. They are ideal for boards with less wheel clearance i.e. double kicks or riders with less weight. Ready to ride with a Stone Ground surface, this wheel takes the thinking out of sliding.

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The Free Dumbs are poured from Free Wheel Co’s Golden Standard urethane which has a very predictable slide and sheds lots of urethane. With a smooth, predictable release the 78a urethane gives you a nice and easy push back so icing out isn’t an issue while ensuring they don’t have too much grip.

At 64mm and with a relatively narrow contact patch the Free Dumbs are meant to make sliding and freeriding an effortless process. Due to their small size and the nature of the urethane (as described above) they will kick out with ease yet not ice out during the slide.

In summation, if you’re looking for a wheel that will allow you to hold out your slides for as long as possible and leave thane tracks at the same time, then you’ve got yourself a friend in the Free Dumbs. These wheels also come stone ground and they can easily be slid right out of the packaging.


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Freeriding, Sliding


64 mm

Contact Patch

36 mm

Core Placement



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Free Dumbs V2, Free Dumbs


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