Fullbag Le 62


The Le 62, a big, stable speed machine suitable for downhill and freeriding. A board for those with a little more meat on their bones.

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The Fullbag Le 62 is a board for the big guys. The large wheelbase and length of the board coupled with its drop through property make for a stable speed machine with a big foot platform allowing the rider to adjust his feet to his liking. The Le 62 features hand sanded wheelwells preventing wheelbite and a near symmetrical shape with a slightly pointed nose on the one end to indicate the front of the board.

The Le 62 features a simple but pronounced radial concave, providing traction for the rider when bombing or freeriding. Due to its ability to be mounted drop through and its stiff construction, the board will be stable at speed and features a low center of gravity making for a good commuting and pushing board.

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Dimensions 106 × 25.4 cm
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