Fullbag Royal Flush


A strikingly beautiful board with a unique flush mounting combining the best of the topmount and drop through worlds. A great freeride and downhill option…and wall ornament. It looks that good.

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The Fullbag Royal Flush has a unique feature amongst Fullbag line up, namely a flush mounting system. This means a small square is routed into the board where the trucks mount and thus the board sits slightly lower than the standard topmount yet higher than a drop through board. This creates the feel and responsiveness of a topmount board but more stability akin to a dropmount board.

The Royal flush has a radial concave which is very light in the middle of the board and then progressively ramps up towards the rails, this provide ample foot space for the rider yet heaps of traction. The board also has slight 3D pockets above the wheelwells which create grooves perfect for extra traction when cornering and sliding.

The Fullbag boards consist of maple with a layer of arborite at the bottom of the board. Arborite is a very scratch resistant, durable material that helps protect you board against the elements, making for a long lasting, high quality product.

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Dimensions 102.4 × 25 cm
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