Fullbag TM-FR


A symmetrical topmount dream with a 3D pocket concave to provide added traction and multiple wheelbase options to keep you occupied.

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The Fullbag TM-FR is the topmount lover’s dream downhill and freeride board. The board features a symmetrical shape, giving the board the exact same feel whether ridden in switch or normal stance. Furthermore, the TM-FR has large 3D wheel cut outs to prevent wheel bite and allowing the rider the freedom to choose any wheel.

The TM-FR has a 3D pocket concave as well as radial concave; this means that the concave creates pockets above the wheelwells which create perfect grooves for your feet and thereby giving added traction when sliding and cornering. The board has an adjustable wheelbase, making a variety of wheelbase options possible allowing to change between a short responsive wheelbase to a longer more stable one. The TM-FR is also an extremely stiff and rigid board, making it ultra responsive to a riders weight shift.

The Fullbag boards consist of maple with a layer of arborite at the bottom of the board. Arborite is a very scratch resistant, durable material that helps protect you board against the elements, making for a long lasting, high quality product.

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Dimensions 93.4 × 25.4 cm
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