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G-Form Crash Shorts


Lightweight, breathable, sleek and highly effective. The G-form crash shorts comes equipped with a soft foam which hardens on impact absorbing even the hardest blows.

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Product Description

The G-Form Crash Shorts is a highly innovative and sleek pants equipped with padding where necessary. The pads are made with proprietary Reactive Protection Technology TM; big words aside, essentially what this means is that they consist of a soft and flexible foam which momentarily hardens on impact transforming them into highly effective protective armour.

The advantages of the G-Form pads are their adaptability to your body parts. The pads are lightweight, breathable and flexible, allowing you to wear them under your pants. You will hardly notice they are thereā€¦that is, until you fall on them. Furthermore, they are machine washable, making maintenance easy (no more sweaty, smelly pads).

It needs to be noted that these pads are highly impact resistant but not abrasive resistant. This means they will absorb and disperse impact but will likely disintegrate when facing prolonged abrasive resistance. However, these pads may also be used underneath conventional hard-shell pads for added protection.

For those skaters into downhill racing, these pads will provide excellent protection beneath your leathers without sacrificing aerodynamics.

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