Gotta Skate em All T-shirt


A comfortable, breathable cotton T-shirt to keep you in top form when shredding.

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-100% breathable combed cotton, 160 gram, enzyme washed.

-snug, comfortable fit

-locally sourced and printed

Too often people tend to see things as opposites, as either being black or white. But in reality it seems like things are always on a spectrum. Street skating, downhill skating, freeriding, dancing… They are all on a spectrum and they are all connected. And there are no limits to which ‘disciplines’ on the spectrum you can practice. You can choose to focus on one, or dabble in many. It’s your choice and you’re free to do as you please. The problem is that people seek their identity from one specific activity, and in doing so they criticise all others because it makes them feel more closely attached to the specific scene they wish to attach themselves too. And this breeds unnecessary antagonism. The same can be said for surfing. Bodyboarding, shortboarding, longboarding, SUP…they all take place in the ocean. They’re related, but it seems like too often there’s a childish shit-slinging contest going on between them.
There’s a lot to be learnt from pursuing multiple activities, there’s also a lot to be learnt from pursuing one activity intensely. Try not to discriminate. And rather be respectful.
If you give it some thought, this theory can be extrapolated to many other aspects of your life and in your interactions with others.

This line of thinking is what prompted us to design the ‘Gotta Skate ’em All’ T-Shirts.

We hope you like them.

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