Gunslinger Grenades


With a large supportive core that provides a high roll speed and even wear characteristics, the Gunslinger Grenades will have the same great feel and performance all the way to the core.

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This review was provided in part by Team rider Charles Atkinson.

The Grenades come with a Stoneground finish and a centerset core in order to provide stability to wheel shape while sliding; this allows for minimal deformation of the wheel when going sideways. Centerset cores are also well known to maximize the wheel’s life span in terms of the core distributing your weight evenly across the surface of the wheel ensuring a more consistent wear. If you want a great free ride wheel with consistent wear patterns right down to the core the Gunslinger Grenades are something you should look into.

They have a ridiculously smooth and very predictable break out and hook-up when sliding, while leaving lines of pure, unsalted butter.

Gunslinger Grenades come in two durometers namely a green 78a and a yellow 83a, the 78a being more of an everyday kind of go to free ride wheel, whereas the 83a being a fantastic tech sliding wheel or a good wheel of choice for riders who prefer an extremely slidey wheel. The 83a is also a good wheel to consider if you are just getting into sliding because of their ability to break into slides very easily at slower speeds.

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Freeride, Sliding


72 mm

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43 mm


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