Gunslinger Rounds 74a


The Gunslinger Rounds allow you to fire off one slide after the other…all as smooth and easy as pie. The ideal wheel for those wanting an effortless slide.

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The Gunslinger Rounds are a wheel that offer the path of least resistance. With their narrow contact patch, rounded lips and stoneground finish, these wheels contain all the ingredients to a great freeride wheel. Combine these characteristics with a urethane that slides on a dime and you have yourself a wheel that won’t put up a fight when going sideways.

With durometers ranging from the super soft 74a to the harder 83a, the Rounds provide plenty of different options the rider can choose from. The soft 74a and 78a will provide a more controllable slide, yet a shorter lifespan due to quicker wear, whereas the harder 83a will have a more icy slide, yet last longer.

Either way, one thing is certain, if you’re looking to hold out your slides and beat your friends to the longest standup slide, these are for you.

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Sliding, Freeriding


70 mm

Contact Patch

42 mm


Core Placement


Lip Profile