Hammer Grip Pack


Super coarse, resilient and long lasting, Hammer Grip is the ideal griptape for downhill skating, capable of handling the strain and abuse you put it through.


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Hammer Grip is a consistent, long lasting grip specifically designed for downhill and freeride skating. With more pressure being exerted over the board when sliding and cornering than in any other skateboarding discipline, the need for strong, coarse grip in downhill skating is vital; especially since traditional trick-skating grip lacks traction and expires quickly. Hammer Grip provides sublimely with its super coarse and resilient 36 grit longboard griptape.

Hammer Foam Grip: Less coarse than the traditional Hammer and with soft foam bottom, this grip is ideal for cruising and carving boards. It is ultra-comfortable and allows you to shed those shoes and still ride in comfort on those hot summer days.

The Hammer Grip Pack consists of four 30 x 28 cm patches.

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Dimensions 30 × 28 cm

Green, Blue, Black, Foam


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