Hawgs Adanac 54mm


These small, crafty little wheels will open a whole new world of street skating and sliding for you; or open an old one. Either way, they want to be shredded, so do them the favour.

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The Hawgs Adanac wheel bridge the gap between longboarding and street skating with a wheel that has a street shape but is poured in longboarding urethane. The result? A wheel that is softer with a much smoother feel to it, resulting in a more comfortable ride that is less jarring on the joints. The Cordova will also have a lot more grip than your standard street wheel, making it ideal as a commuting option for your board.

At 54mm the Adanac is the ideal wheel for tech-skating, allowing for high rotation slides while still providing control. The 99a Cordova will offer more slide and less traction as well as a higher pop compared to the 82a Cordova which will have a smoother, more plush ride. The 99a Cordova will feel and ride like a traditional skate wheel.

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Street, Transition, Tech-sliding


54 mm



Contact Patch

23 mm


34 mm

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