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Krux K4 Leopard Forged Trucks


Ideally suited for the park, street and cruising down to the store, the Krux K4 Leopard Forged Trucks offer a smooth ride with a light yet strong construction for maximum pop and agility.

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Product Description

Known for their smooth ride, the Krux K4 Leopard Forged Trucks deliver as booth street skating and cruising trucks. Their light construction and signature hollow cavity in the hanger make for a trucks that offers a lot of pop without sacrificing strength.

The kingpin of the Krux K4 Leopard Forged truck is very short, not interfering with the grinding surface of the hanger, thus resulting in a consistent, unhindered grind.

The soft bushings and pivot cups are what give Krux trucks their smooth feel and optimal turn.

The 8.25 length is suitable for boards ranging from 7.75 – 8.25

Additional Information

Hanger Width

135 mm




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