Landyachtz ATV Crane Complete


The Landyachtz ATV Crane Complete forms part of the aptly named ATV series (All Terrain Vehicle). These boards are designed to be rippable on anything, anywhere.

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The ATV Crane is Landyachtz’ take on a more traditional skateboard shape, with a symmetrical, popsicle stick shape cut around proven tail and concave geometry to provide maximum pop and comfort.

With a slightly longer and wider shape than your traditional street deck, the Landyachtz ATV Crane provides a more comfortable, user-friendly board whose applications are not just limited to street and park but can handle everyday obstacles and features with ease. A key selling point on the ATV Series is their functionality and practicality allowing them to be used in diverse terrains.

The most prominent difference to the Locos is the inclusion of a fibreglass top sheet. This reduced weight while making the board more responsive and snappy, thus adding more pop to it. Furthermore the addition of a fibreglass top sheet makes the board more rigid, strong and longer lasting.

Complete setup:
-Polar Bear 155mm Trucks
-Chubby Hawgs 60mm White
-Bear Spaceballs

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Dimensions 83.5 × 22 cm
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