Landyachtz Drop Carve 37 Complete


Short with a stiff, springy flex, this board will dodge and weave through anything in its path, making your commute a pleasurable one, with the kicks at either end adding additional spice.

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The Landyachtz Drop Carve 37 is the perfect cruising, commuting and freeride board. The board features fibreglass on the top and bottom, sandwiched between a bamboo core, giving it the flexibility and agility of a carving board while maintaining its stability through its drop through property. The board is symmetrical giving the rider the same riding experience whether in switch or normal stance, allowing for any combination of slides. Its slight concave provides extra traction when sliding and the addition of a nose and kick tail add pop when doing flat ground tricks

This miniature version of the Drop Carve is more nimble and will be able to perform tighter carves due to the short wheelbase. This makes the board highly practical when commuting allowing the rider to dodge any obstacle ahead while the bamboo construction soaks up all the bumps, making for a smooth, comfortable ride. This board is ideal for the shorter, lighter rider looking to mix things up a bit.

The Drop Carve 37 Complete is set up with Bear 852’s trucks and 63mm Fatty Hawgs with Spaceball Bearings.

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Dimensions 93.7 × 22.9 cm
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