Landyachtz Loco 37


The Loco 37 is the ideal freeride board for a skater looking to mix things up. It is long enough to handle well at speed yet has a functional tail to pop ollies and shred through town.

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Under the guidance of Landyachtz riders Billy Bones and Kyle Martin, the Loco series blends the boundaries between skateboard disciplines. The Locos are comfortable in the park, on the ramp, hitting coping, slashing hills or perfecting tech slides. The Loco is the perfect board to help the street skater get onto the hill and the longboarder into the park.

The Landyachtz Loco 37 is the longest deck out of the Loco series. The Loco 37 will perform well on hills due to its length and makes for an excellent technical freeride board and is ideal for 360 spins, stand up slides and shuv-its.

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Dimensions 93.98 × 23.62 cm
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