Landyachtz Ramathorn Hollow Core


The Ramathorn Hollow Core is a skating machine. Urban areas, parks, bowls, steep mountain passes…it’ll handle it all. And handle it well. This board is not a jack of all trades, it is the ace of all trades.



The Landyachtz Ramathorn Hollow Core is a board designed to be adaptable to any skate session you plan to have whether it be skating a bowl, freeriding or pure downhill. The board consists of 8 plys of Canadian maple, making it stiff and responsive while giving it stability at speed.

The concave features high shoulders at either end of the board. This ensures a high clearance between the wheel and the board and also creates pockets for your back feet when sliding. The bowl concave also locks the feet into the board giving the rider more traction and lean. The kicktail allows for more technical tricks to be executed and gives the boards it’s versatility, allowing for the rider to clear gaps with ollies.

The Ramathorn also features Landyachtz’ new hollow core construction which significantly reduces the weight of the board while maintaining strength and rigidity by sandwiching the board in layers of fibreglass further complementing its role as a do-it-all board.

Additional information

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 94 × 24.8 cm
Board Type









Ramathorn 2016, Ramathorn 2017