Bear Riser Pads


Increase turn or stability, avoid wheelbite, get more lean out of your board…there are numerous applications for risers. Bear risers will help you improve the quality of your ride.


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Risers pads allow you to change ride height and the angle of the trucks relative to the board, either increasing stability (lowering the angle) or increasing its turn and carve (increasing the anlge). Risers can also be used to heighten the ride of your board allowing the rider to have more control through greater lean, or simply be added to avoid wheel bite.

Bear Risers come in flat 1.3cm (half inch) height and 0.64cm (quarter inch) height or in angled soft rubber and hard plastic.

Sold in sets of two.


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Weight 0.080 kg

Rubber Pad, flat 0.64cm, flat 1.3cm, angled


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