Landyachtz Ten Two Four


Price includes deck only!
The Landyachtz Ten Two Four packs the same freeriding prowess as the Nine Two Five yet in a smaller, more agile package.

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The Ten Two Four is Landyachtz’s smaller version of their stalwart freeriding board, the Nine Two Five. It features a slight rocker giving it a very comfortable feel and has all-round gas pedals, making it ideal for sliding and freeriding. The board’s gas pedals as well as the wheel wells are CNC cut, with the latter allowing for extra turn on looser setups.

Furthermore, the board has a W-concave providing foot traction and orientation which terminates at the end of the board creating a flat platform with inner foot support. This platform rises slightly at the edges which gives position location and prevents foot-wheel bite.

The board is symmetrical allowing for any slide combination without the board being the “wrong way round”. The board is also very stiff and has minimal flexibility, making it a very good downhill and race option as well.

Price includes deck only!

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Dimensions 98.5 × 24.8 cm
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