Landyachtz Tomahawk Maple


A subtle yet effective concave with double kicktails and 9 plys of canadian maple give this board the grunt you need for downhill and freeriding but also makes for a comfortable commuting board.

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The Landyachtz Tomahawk fibreglass is, in a nutshell, the perfect all round longboard. The dual kicktails allow for a whole range of tricks and flips on flat ground and make for a very maneuvrable board. The micro dropped platform and concave remind of that of the Switchblade but they are less extreme and thus the board provides a comfortable foot platform for commuting while its subtle concave kicks in when freeriding and bombing.

Its symmetrical design allows the skater to combine regular as well as switch slides while maintaining the same ride performance. The board consists of 8 plys of maple with a fibreglass finish, making the board extremely durable and strong giving it the capability to handle any beating you give it, be it ollies off ledges or major slides on the hill.

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Dimensions 101.6 × 25.4 cm
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