Myi Precision Trucks


The Myi Precision trucks use an innovative support pin to avoid sideways movement of the truck, resulting in a very precise truck that is also lightweight and strong.

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Myi Precision Trucks are 100% locally engineered with a support pin to avoid sideways slop of the hanger when turning; this results in very responsive and precise truck.
Three different packages are available to purchase:
The Base Package: This includes Hangers and baseplates. This is a standard package.
The Pro Package: This includes blue anodised Hangers, a full set of 88, 90 and 92a FAT ANT Bushings , the MYi truck tools and MYicro Cups precision washers.
The Elite Package: A Fully customisable MYi setup, Custom colour, Custom hanger width anywhere between 160mm and 190mm, 3 Base plates 45/45 and 35deg, The FAT ANT Bushings full range Boom Box, a MYi truck tool, 5deg angled riser pads and MYicro cups precision washers.

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Freeride, Downhill


Base Package, Pro Package, Elite Package