Nuthugger Skate Tool


The Nuthugger is an all-in-one skate tool that allows you to customize your ride and re-thread any stripped axles.

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The Nuthugger Skate Tool will grip your nuts like a vice and tighten them or loosen them as you please. Feeling a little wobbly? Whip out the Nuthugger, give your deck a few good cranks and you’ll be rights as rain. Conversely, if you’re looking for a more responsive ride a few turns to the left will have you giddy with pleasure.
Furthermore, if you’ve once again lost the thread of what’s going on (like us most of the time), don’t fear. The Nuthugger features an axle re-threader that will get your nuts screwing tight again on any axle.

-5/16 Axle Re-threader
-Allen Key Screwdriver
-Phillips Screwdriver
-14mm Socket
-13mm Socket
-10mm Socket

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