Polar Bear 155mm Tall Black


A regular geometry truck with a light weight and solid construction, allowing for higher ollies and tighter turns. Perfect for that hybrid long shortboard…or short longboard.

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Bear Trucks have released the highly anticipated 155mm Polar Bear. Due to the crossing over of disciplines between longboarding and short boarding in the recent past Bear Trucks have released a truck which is ideal for the hybrid skater seeking to do trick skating inspired moves as well as traditional longboard freeriding.

For slightly more wheel clearance and with a matte black finish get yourself a set of the 155mm Tall Polar Bears.

The Baseplate
– Featuring 8 holes, so you’re able to mount your truck right where you want it when riding a board with old school or new school hole pattern.
– All mounting holes are accessible with a skate tool
– Low Profile, only 2″ from the surface to the center of the axle. Grizzlies are 2.6″
– Added material to impact areas where more meat is needed, in front of the pivot cup and behind the bushing seat.
– Removed material from the bottom of the base plate to reduce weight
The hanger
– Extensive computer modeling and physical tests were done to engineer the strongest hanger on the market.
– Gussets were added on the underside of the hanger to ensure strength in all directions
– Material removed from the front of the hanger to reduce weight
– Shaped around the top bushing so that the washer doesn’t hit the hanger and ensures tools are easy to use.
– Hangers are faced so bearings run clean and square
– Heat treatments provide a very strong finish, this means the hanger doesn’t wear down quickly when grinding.
– The Axle lengths are precise, designed not to stick out of your nuts, and preventing ground axles.

The Bushings
– Many bushing combos were tested, the stock bushings are an ideal middle ground. Great for carving and tight turning as well as stable for faster riding.
– The bottom bushing is a standard 90a barrel 15mm tall.
– The top bushing is a small cone, also 90a, 10.5mm tall.

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Street Skating, Bowl, Hybrid

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