Ridersfly Brake Sole 4mm


With superior grip and major durability, the Ridersfly brake sole allows you to get increased mileage out of your shoes while providing heaps of traction.
Price indicated is for one sole only!

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The Ridersfly Full Grip Brake Sole 4mm is ideal for freeriding, everyday cruising and the occasional full tilt downhill footbrake. At 4mm the sole has the perfect thickness to maintain board feel while providing enough substance to allow for some heavy duty breaking.

The special Ridersfly rubber is ultra grippy and will provide increased grip when sliding.

-roughen shoe sole with sandpaper for better adhesion
-spread contact adhesive on the Ridersfly sole (on the coloured, textured side) as well as the shoe
-wait 10 minutes or until glue is dry to the touch then slap the shoe onto the sole
-apply weight to the shoe (the longer the better)
-take a box cutter (stanley knife) and trim the edges
-go skate

Please note: Price indicated is for one sole only!

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