Ridersfly Crema Puck Risers


The Ridersfly Crema Risers prolong the lifespan of your pucks and gloves while absorbing road vibrations…a simple yet genius addition to your gear.

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Ridersfly Crema Puck Risers are lightweight, vibration-absorbing risers that that keep your hands further away from the ground, to let you get every last drop out of your pucks without burning your gloves or tearing up your fingers and hands. Not only does this allow you to get more mileage out of your pucks, but will also increase the lifespan of your gloves because they won’t accidentally come into contact with the ground.

Ridersfly Crema Risers are especially good for those with heavily worn pucks or poor wrist flexibility as the wrist has to bend less to attain the same position as without the risers. The risers also absorb impact and help prevent hand/wrist injury if you fall on your hands.

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