RipTide Krank Tall Barrel Bushing


The high rebound Krank formula in the tall barrel shape allows for  a lively, responsive setup with a deep turn that also provides stability.

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The Krank Formula:

RipTide’s highest rebound formula to date, KranK is designed specifically to change under pressure and is controlled by the amount of clamp pressure you subject it to when tightening the King Pin nut!  As for washers, flat washers work great with this compound, but for the greatest control and range of this performance feature, use cupped, precision flat or precision cupped washers.

Tall Barrel Shape: The tall barrel bushing shape offers a deeper turn as well as a stable ride. The tall barrel is compatible with Rogue, Ronin and Kodiak Trucks (amongst others).

*Price indicated is for a set of two bushings

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Krank – High Rebound urethane formula

Bushing type

Tall barrel