RipTide WFB Tall Barrel Bushings


Rip Tide WFB bushings are internally lubricated for smooth, fast, low-friction transitions in any competitive discipline.

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The WFB Formula:

The Rip Tide WFB formula bushings are low-rebound, low-friction bushings. These features make for a bushings with a deep turn and a prompt return to center. The WFB bushings have a very precise turn making them suitable for racing and downhill.

Tall Barrel Shape: The tall barrel bushing shape offers a deeper turn as well as a stable ride. The tall barrel is compatible with Rogue, Ronin and Kodiak Trucks (amongst others).

Please note: The equivalent durometer of a Rip Tide bushing to a standard bushing is about 3-5 durometers higher. Thus a 93a Rip Tide bushings would roughly correspond to a 88a conventional bushing.

*Price indicated is for a set of two bushings

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WFB – World's Fastest Bushing urethane formula

Bushing type

Tall barrel




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